MNA Election -- Officers, volunteer sign-up, and updates to the Bylaws

The annual MNA election will start on Fri June 17th and be open for two weeks through June 30th.  Balloting will be done online only and results will be announced within a day or so of the ballot closing.  Items on the ballot:

  • Election of the exec board
  • Election of ACC reps
  • Sign-up for committees
  • Vote on Bylaws update


A brief summary of the updates in the Bylaws:

AWU Letter of Commitment Concerning Shaft Construction

Bull Creek Ranch, the Mountain, and other nearby neighborhoods have been in discussions with AWU to minimize the impact of the Jollyville Transmission Main shaft on the surrounding neighborhoods.  The result is the attached Letter of Commitment from AWU to the neighborhood residents which sets forth the guidelines under which the construction will be performed. 

Letter of Commitment Overview

The full Letter of Commitment can be found at the "1 attachment" link below this article (or just click here)

  • Surface work hours from 7am-7pm M-F, 9am-5pm Saturday
  • Heavy equipment traffice only from 9am-3pm
  • Control dust during construction
  • No construction traffic in neighborhoods or parking at the Mountain entrance/streets
  • Wood security fence, area cleared of trash daily
  • On-site lighting will be minimal and directed downwards
  • After completion, no above-grade structures and area will be restored

We have also asked that the site be connected to the PEC power grid to minimize the use of generators and the noise associated with them.

While this helps set expectations and guidelines for the project, it is important to realize that the construction impacts to our neighborhoods will still be significant.  The initial phase of the construction is tentatively scheduled to start late 2011 or early 2012 and will last approximately 3 months.  During this time, dynamite will be used to excavate the 30' wide and 120' deep shaft.  We have been told by the city and construction contractors that this will be a very loud and disruptive phase of construction.

MNA will host City Council Candidate Forum - Tuesday, April 19, at 6:30pm

The MNA will host a candidate forum for the upcoming City Council elections to be held May 14th.

When: Tuesday, April 19th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Mountainview Park

We are requesting that residents submit questions for the forum to Eric Deal at

Click here for more information on the Candidate Forum

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