December 2009 Board Meeting

The meeting minutes from the MNA board meeting on 12/7 are attached below in two different formats (identical content, just want to make sure everyone can view at least one of these).

MNA Holiday Wine and Cheese Party

This year's wine and cheese event will be held at:

The Ketzel House
9008 Westerkirk Drive
Saturday, December 19th
5-9 pm

All current members of the MNA warmly welcome!

Streetlight Committee Meeting ####Historical information from 2009####

The streetlight committee met again on 11/15. In addition to the ballot, it is the committee's intent to provide a one page fact sheet of pro-lights research and a one page fact sheet of con-lights research. If you have research information, studies, websites, etc. that can be forwarded to our research coordinators please email them so they can review the research and formulate their fact sheet. Pro-light research can be submitted to Gail Alfar. Con-light research can be submitted to Stephanie Methven (until a con-light research volunteer is found) The next meeting will be on 12/1 at 8 pm at 8806 Scotsman Drive. Please RSVP to Stephanie Methven.

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