MNA Streetlight Information ####Historical information from 2010####

The Streetlight Committee is entering the final phase of the neighborhood's streetlight plan. After multiple attempts, we have received responses to the Streetlight Form sent out earlier this year from approximately 80% of the neighborhood, with a result that about 25% of responders want streetlights by their home and 75% do not want streetlights by their home (see links below for details).

Austin Energy has provided a plat of the locations where standard streetlights could be installed (the galvanized gray poles with orange-colored high-pressure sodium lights like those found in Spicewood Estates). We have put this map online along with the responses from each household. At this point, the streetlight committee is asking for residents to review the responses and work with the neighbors immediately adjacent to the proposed light locations (all four neighbors) to determine if they want a light installed. This should be an open and civil discussion among neighbors to come to a decision on a per-light basis.

In order to have a light installed, the streetlight committee will ask that all four affected neighbors sign a consent form agreeing to have the light installed. All neighbors affected by a particular light must sign the form stating their approval or objection, and the majority must approve the light for it to be installed (any signatures not received will be considered as a preference for the status quo, or no streetlight). All forms must be returned to Stephanie Methvan at 8806 Scotsman Drive, by December 15. If no form is submitted for a streetlight location, the light will not be installed. No form needs to be submitted unless you have a streetlight planned near your house, per the online map.

Residents have also asked about an option for installing decorative lighting like those found in the Enclave. Based on the streetlight responses, the committee estimates that about 10-20 streetlights may be installed across the neighborhood. Based on this estimate, the cost to the neighborhood for decorative streetlights would be $7,500 to $15,000. Before we could proceed with decorative lighting, we would need to have financial commitments for the entire amount. This is not something the MNA has funds to pay for, nor does fund-raising fall into the scope of the Streetlight Committee's duties.

Decorative lights should not be considered as an option when determining whether or not a resident agrees with streetlight placement. If anyone is interested in raising funds to pay for decorative lights, please contact Stephanie Methven or Connie Gray. The issue of decorative lights will be handled once the final streetlight locations have been determined and when/if there is enough of a financial commitment to support the installation of decorative lights.


Responses and Locations:

Streetlight Consent Form: (attached below)

Decorative Light Options:


Please direct any questions regarding streetlights to Stephanie Methven ( or Connie Gray (

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